about me

I’m Harry. I like a bit more milk in my tea than you do. When it comes to design, I don’t cut corners and I see beauty in the detail. I consider myself a technical designer but also a conceptual thinker and no matter what, I get the job done.


SourSquare — Nov, 2013 - present
In 2013 I set up my own design company and since have worked with many small to large scale businesses, ranging from the local market’s branding to a nationwide distribution company’s rebranding and brochure.

Exact Abacus — Jun, 2016
Six weeks with Exact, a provider of ERP software, eCommerce and fulfilment services. My role was part of their design team, creating and developing design and packaging for some of their clients.

JKT Design LTD — Jun, 2015
Two weeks work experience in a creative office environment, given the opportunity to work on live graphic design projects, several of my designs were sent to a client as part of the initial idea stage.

Exact Abacus — Feb, 2015
Two days experiencing what it’s like to work in a large web, design and software company. How these things mesh together.

Start2market — Jul, 2014
Six weeks work experience, tasked with designing and developing a bespoke website for a local charity, I received intensive training in website development as well as how to run a business.

RT Design — May, 2013
Two weeks work experience with a local design business, developing logo ideas for a live client, one of which was pitched to the client and chosen as the final design.

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